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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Truecaller - My favorite App

So what exactly is Truecaller? I don't even need to explain because everybody with a smartphone in their hand probably knows that it is the world’s largest verified mobile phone community.
Gone are the days when you used to pick up calls only to realize that someone was trying to convince you to get that credit card or that insurance you don't need.

So, how did this brilliant idea come to Nami Zarringhalam and Alan Mamedi? It is well known that "Necessity is the mother of invention", Nami and Alan were frustrated when numbers from abroad would call, and they could not find a place to identify them.

The idea of being able to know who is calling, no matter what country or location, caught people's attention. Today, Truecaller has more than 80 million users and +1 billion numbers and names, and these numbers keep growing even as you are reading this post.


My Experience with Truecaller
For me, Truecaller has been one of the most important apps on my phone. It tells me who is calling, and helps me to organize my phone book. It knows exactly who's calling and blocks all spam calls. This saves my time and frustration of dealing with telemarketers trying to desperately sell something I don't want. My friends are quite surprised when they call me from their parents' or relatives' numbers and hear me answering "Hey, xyz" courtesy of Live Caller ID that shows me who's calling before I even pick up the call.
It also protects me from international spam calls which may, sometimes, also be tricks to tap phones.

How it Works
Truecaller users from all over the world share their phone books, which are securely stored, and together create the world’s largest phone directory. The users use crowdsourcing as their way of helping each other identify numbers, and keep each other informed about spam numbers. When you download Truecaller, your phone book helps to add to the ever-growing database. Truecaller provides you features such as searching for names with the numbers, finding a way to contact people, and requesting contact details. When you are connected to the internet and you receive a call from an unknown number, the Live Caller ID helps you to decide whether to pick up the call.

Safety and Privacy
Is is safe to upload your phone book and give away your numbers like that? Absolutely. Firstly, the numbers are stored securely and safely. Secondly, the data does not contain any private information such as social account passwords. It is completely your decision if you want to provide a profile photo and other details. You can also set your contact details to "Request Only" so that you decide who sees your number and other details. If you still aren't okay with that, it is very easy to completely remove all info (Unlist) from the database.

Overall, it is the best application to know who's calling and to connect with your friends and family.

If you still don't have Truecaller, get it now from here and start enjoying your life, free from spam and interruptions.

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